Custom Steel Processing by the Steel Experts

At Brice Metals, we deliver custom steel processing so that we meet your needs and deliver on time. Our customers have one point of contact with experts who understand steel and form an integral part of the project management team.

Technology that leads the charge in steel processing

What is unique about Brice Metals is that the engineers who operate our machines were involved in the design of the machines and the advanced technology that enables us to deliver precision steel processing. Our steel processing expertise includes an impressive suite of capabilities, including six-axis coping, cutting and drilling, steel angle line, plate processing, forming and rolling.

Six-axis coping

Brice Metals is one of the limited steel processing companies that offer six-axis steel coping. This superior steel processing robot offers flawless six-axis precision, maximising the freedom of movement and steel processing ability. This fully automated machine uses advanced CNC software to reduce production time.

Big drilling machine inside a warehouse

Cutting & drilling

We have prioritised using best-in-class machines capable of drilling and cutting almost anything. We understand our machines and are experts in the technology that operates them, so our customers can be sure of a precise, professional and efficient steel processing service.

Steel angle and flat lines

Our advanced steel angle line CNC machine technology can punch, crop, mark, notch and clean up for galvanising linear flats and angles. This automated process, operated by skilled professionals, is perfect for large volumes of repeatable parts within nominal time frames and detailed specifications.

Experts in steel processing

Our steel cutting capacities enable us to process steel from a 0.0-degree square cut to a 45 and 60-degree mitre cut. Our beam line capacity includes plasma and saw cutting, coping, notching and mitre cutting and can handle varying cutting degrees and steel lengths and thicknesses to cover most steel cutting requirements in steel processing.

Steel plate processing

As part of the Southern Steel Group, we are capable of procuring, processing and manufacturing anything steel. Our steel plate processing is project managed by our team of steel experts alongside our sister company, Ferrocut. Our relationship with Ferrocut is based on best-in-class service and steel processing expertise.

Forming and rolling

At Brice Metals we offer a wide range of steel forming and rolling solutions through our Southern Steel Group network partnership with Ferrocut. Our steel forming uses machinery that requires large steel stressing and loading proficiencies operated by skilled experts in steel fabrication.

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