About Brice Metals

From humble beginnings as steel processing experts and steel suppliers, we have been servicing South Australia’s steel industry since 1947. We focus on building our core capabilities to efficiently service all your steel needs across most industry sectors and work as part of the project management team to ensure we deliver on our dedicated customer service approach.

We’re not just people, we’re partners

With Brice Metals you’re not just working with people. You’re working with expert steel partners who care about your business as much as you do. As a steel supply business in South Australia that has been in operation since 1947, we understand service. We work with our partners, not for them. We have refined the approach with our clients to ensure a detailed understanding of the project requirements, and our clients only need one point of contact to ensure we deliver the job on time, every time.

Steel processing experts for busy industry professionals

To deliver quality steel solutions, we need to understand steel. And we do. We are experts in designing steel solutions that meet precise design specifications.

We recognise that time is money and meeting deadlines is critical. Our customer service team is across all the moving parts required on any steel project, which means we know where each project is from a production or manufacturing timeline.

Only the best will do

We only use quality materials and have partnered with like-minded businesses nationwide to ensure we offer an efficient, full-service steel processing solution.

We take the time at the outset to understand each customer and their steel processing needs. By understanding our customers in detail, we can anticipate the project scope, stock requirements and complex delivery logistics.

Industry leaders

As part of the Southern Steel Group since 2001, this is one claim that we are confident about at Brice Metals. We have been in operation for over 75 years.

What started as a sheet and coil business has grown into one of Australia’s largest steel processing companies. Our team members are technical specialists in this niche industry and have grown with the business, so they understand how and why we do steel the way we do.

Need an expert in steel and steel processing?

For all your steel processing needs, regardless of the complexity, you need a partner that is a steel expert and is as committed to your project as you are and will work with you from design to delivery.

Contact our team to discuss your steel project requirements.


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