Steel Workflow Process

At Brice Metal, we understand steel. We also understand that each industry requires a unique approach and steel workflow process from steel experts who have experience and knowledge across each industry sector.


Brice Metals specialises in the supply of custom steel products delivered through unparalleled customer service. We hold a large amount of varied steel stock to ensure the shortest possible turnaround time in project delivery.

Brice Metals is a proud member of the Southern Steel Group. We source most of our steel from Australia, and as part of the Southern Steel Group, we can leverage our excellent relationships with first-rate suppliers of quality steel from across the globe.


The planning process is one that our team of steel experts has mastered. Given our years of industry experience, Brice Metals has meticulously defined the planning process to ensure minimal turnaround time and optimal accuracy. Our team considers every variation possibility and circumvents the problem right at the start of the project.

With our proven track record and expert skills in everything steel – from its naming conventions to the software the machines used to process the steel, we can offer advice and recommendations for your steel processing requirements to ensure the best possible solution for your steel needs.


We are specialists in processing your custom steel requirements. We understand steel engineering and can process and fabricate steel of varying size, thicknesses, lengths and complex angle requirements.

Whether in-house or through our extensive steel network, our project management team members are specialists in working with our customers to deliver quality steel solutions that we have processed using meticulous accuracy and a focus on efficient turnaround times.

Our machines’ operational expertise means we can offer our clients incredibly complex steel bending, forming and cutting solutions. We can also provide custom-processed steel solutions that ensure you can deliver whatever you need across any industry that requires it.


We’ve received and processed your steel project to an impeccable standard. Now it’s time to deliver your steel components to the site. This is where Brice Metals becomes more than a supplier. Our hyper-focused attention to detail means that we delicately package every steel item to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

We carefully label every steel component for seamless and effortless on-site assembly. Each project is quality controlled and checked through a series of ISO standard accreditation requirements and via advanced QMS and ERP systems.

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