Six-Axis Steel Coping

Six-axis steel coping requires an incredibly delicate balance between precision and meticulous design. The process requires advanced industry knowledge, and when dealing with large steel structures, we need to get it right the first time.

It’s all about the tech

Technological advancements have had a profound effect on modern-day living. Steel processing and fabrication are no different.

Time is money, so offering clients expert steel solutions that positively affect the bottom line without sacrificing quality or service is the way of the future.

State-of-the-art steel fabrication

Our six-axis coping machine is state-of-the-art in steel fabrication, offering six axes that maximise freedom of movement and steel processing ability.

This fully automated machine uses advanced CNC software to reduce production time and minimise human error margins.

Our steel engineering robot

This steel engineering robot delivers flawless results, even for difficult copes, including single and double weld preps and rat holes, by optimising the fabrication process using PerfectHole technology.

Features of the HGG RPC 1200 Coping Robot

  • Cuts difficult copes accurately, increasing fitting and welding efficiencies
  • Produces smooth cuts that require little to no rework
  • Capable of cutting various welded and bolted connections, including single and double weld preps, rat holes and more
  • Precise etching of part locations to help increase fabrication productivity
  • Drawings imported directly from your DSTV/STEP files

PerfectHole (™) technology

  • Accurate bolt holes using PerfectHole Technology
  • Perpendicular, circular and gouge-free holes per standard AS4100-1998


RPC 1200

100x100 - 600x400

100x50 - 140x140

100x50 - 475x150

100x6 - 430x20

100x15 - 400x40

100x50 - 1220x430

100x50 - 200x100

75x75 - 300x300


5 - 50

RPC 1200 Imperial

4x4" - 23x16"

4x2" - 5 1/2"x5 1/2"

4x2" - 18 1/2"x6"

4x2" - 5 1/2"x5 1/2"

4x9/16" - 6x1 5/8"

4x2" - 48x17"

4x2" - 8x4"

3x3" - 12x12"

3/16" - 2"

Need specialised six-axis coping?

At Brice Metal, we have unparalleled six-axis coping capabilities that can facilitate many steel components suitable for most steel projects and processing needs.

Contact us to discuss your steel processing and project requirements.

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