Steel Processing Projects

Pictures speak louder than words. Here are some of our latest steel processing projects we’ve been working on across the country.

Sydney Gateway Bridge

The Sydney Gateway Bridge will connect the St Peters Interchange to the international and domestic terminals. This was a 10,000-tonne steel project involving a team of suppliers and contractors, including Brice Metals.

The project commenced in April 2021.

The ongoing project requires a full range of bespoke structural steel girders, processed to the mega-bridge requirements. We will supply the fully processed products with our sister company, Ferrocut, and our steel experts will work with the senior project and engineering team to ensure meticulous quality control and timely delivery.

Oz Minerals Head Frame

Brice Metals worked with sister company Ferrocut and Bowhill Engineering for the Wira Shaft headframe fabrication for the Prominent Hill mine. The mine, located in South Australia, one of the safest mining regions in the world, is a major copper, silver and gold mine.

The project took place from January to April 2022 and required a full range of saw cut, coped and drilled structural steel for the head frame structure. The 650-tonne, 65-metre high headframe is erected over a 1330m x 7.5m mine production shaft that is instrumental in hoisting up to 6.5mtpa (million tonnes per annum) of ore from the mine.

The headframe structure acts as a shaft collar for guiding drilling and removing the product from the shaft. Brice Metals’ team expertly managed and supplied the fully processed laser and plasma plate product.

Kelly Engineering: Agricultural

The Kelly family has been in the farming business since 1875. They have been relying on manufacturing innovation to help yield the best results. Years of development and commitment to serving their customers and contributing to sustainable agriculture led to the development of the Kelly Disc Chain, a unique, shallow tillage implement designed to manage crop stubble.

Kelly Tillage tools are used locally and internationally to manage residue, control weed and prepare the ideal seedbed for planting. Brice Metals works with Kelly Engineering, supplying their Tillage System products with fully processed tubular, merchant bar and plate product labelled and traceable for meticulous quality control.

The steel product is processed through saw cutting, steel coping and drilling for the Kelly Tillage System and continues to ship to farmers worldwide.

BAE Systems Australia

BAE Systems Australia is a subsidiary of BAE Systems Plc, headquartered in Adelaide. It is the largest defence contractor in the country and gained the commission back in 2016 for the Hunter Class Destroyer project.

We have supplied BAE Systems thousands of tonnes of fully processed structural steel for the organisation’s buildings and infrastructure. The most recent project was to provide two 150-tonne steel platform sets to construct and assemble large defence shipping vessels.

The full range of processed steel supplied by Brice Metals is saw-cut, coped and drilled and all the steel sections and individual parts are fully traceable.

Ovingham overpass

Brice Metals was commissioned from April to December 2021 through the Government of South Australia to supply a full range of saw-cut, coped and drilled structural steel. The plate product was fully plasma processed through our sister company, Ferrocut, for over 1240 tonnes of structural steel.

The $196 million Ovingham overpass project was constructed on Torrens Road over the railway line and Churchill Road to help relieve traffic congestion by removing the need for traffic to stop and allow trains to pass. This development has significantly reduced travel time for motorists and has improved public transport usage.

All the material processed and supplied for the Ovingham overpass was to the CC3 (Construction Category 3) standard and project requirements.

Rail Projects Ausramd

At Brice Metals, we continue to work with Rail Projects QPE, supplying various rail products required for the maintenance and upgrade of railway lines across the country.

The project requirements vary, depending on the railway requirements and steel product needs. Our experienced experts work closely with Rail Projects QPE to ensure that the project roll-out is seamless and meets the deadline demands.

By understanding the engineering behind railways, our team can effectively and efficiently project manage the steel product processing and delivery requirements.

Over the past 12 months, we have delivered approximately 100 tonnes of steel railway rail products.

Adelaide Oval Structure

The structural steel required to build a stadium is mammoth. Brice Metals produced over 1000 tonnes of processed steel to fabricate and construct the stadium grandstands.

The project started in 2014, and we supplied the structural steel pipe and full range of steel structural products, including angles, beams, columns, flats and processed plates. A project of this magnitude requires meticulous client service and expert knowledge in everything steel to understand the job requirements and ensure each product delivery is quality controlled and delivered precisely as needed.

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