Steel Drilling

We are one of Australia’s leading cutting and drilling steel processing companies. Our expert approach to all our cutting and drilling processing ensures quality results and precision steel production every time.

Big drilling machine inside a warehouse

At Brice Metals we can cut and drill almost anything!

Our FICEP 1101 DZB Beam Line machine can cut and drill up to 40mm diameter holes in galvanised or mild steel beams of varying thickness, up to 20 metres in length and 1100mm in width (and can flame cut steel up to 1200mm in width).

Structural steel drilling requires a superior level of accuracy and a team with expert industry knowledge and experience.

Cutting Capacities

  • Size range drilling
    • 12mm – 40mm
  • Band saw cutting
    • Profile size at 90° [minimum] 80x10mm
    • Profile size at 90° [maximum] 1100x510mm
    • Profile size at 45° [maximum] 710x510mm
    • Profile size at 60° [maximum] 460x510mm

Drilling capacities

At Brice Metals we pride ourselves on our drilling capability and the industry leading machines we use in steel drilling.

The FICEP 1101 DZB CNC beam line drilling capacity can drill precise holes up to 40mm in diameter.

It can also drill through varying thicknesses of galvanised or mild steel widths up to 1100mm.

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Our best-in-class steel drilling machines can drill through different steel types of varying thicknesses.

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