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To be the best at what we do, we have surrounded ourselves with the best experts in the business. Our team are passionate about steel and our steel expertise spans decades of experience.

Experts in everything steel

At Brice Metals we have a legacy in steel, and our reputation says as much. We have been operating since 1947 and employ a team of skilled steel experts – from graduates to veterans.

We have mastered steel processing with our level of expertise, industry knowledge and investment in the latest technology to consistently optimise steel fabrication with minimal waste. We keep a large steel stockholding to ensure we can deliver on time.

Highly skilled individuals

Our team is a group of incredibly talented individuals with highly proficient skills. The Brice Metals team is made up of mechatronic engineers, machine designers and people who have been part of the metal industry for generations.

In fact, some of the machine operators on our production floor were part of the design teams that designed the robotics for the machines they run.


Committed to service

At Brice Metals, we have spent time understanding and perfecting our client service approach for project and construction managers. We recognise the nuances of steel processing and how critical deadlines are. We take the time to build client relationships to deliver unparalleled service.

By working with you across every project touch point, we understand you and your business, the project requirements and the logistics framework required to deliver to your clients.

Partner with the experts in steel

Do you want your steel project to be delivered accurately? Do you want your steel project handled by industry legends? Do you want your steel project delivered on time? Then get in touch today.

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